Welcome to ChurchTeams

Gateway has adopted the ChurchTeams platform to connect our members so they can efficiently sign up for events, volunteering, give, check in families, and on and on.  This solution gives us many features in one application and is easy to use.  Communication is handled by text using your current messaging software on your device.  There are no applications to install on your phone or maintain.  Please take time to review the videos below.  More information will be coming over the next several weeks.

Click on the image for an introduction to ChurchTeams. 

Click on the link to the right for an introduction of Text-To-Church.  This incredible new feature will simplify how we do church and keep us all connected to each other. Do you want to get started?  We have already populated our database with our information.  Test ME using your messaging application to 352-366-1183 to update your information.  If you need Help you can text HELP at any time.   

Text CHECK to 352-366-1183 to check in during a service.

Text 2 Church Keywords

Here is the list of Keywords you can currently text.  Please reach out to Vince at VJHutchings@gmail.com with any questions.


Keyword  Name   Type
BOOK  Small Group Books    Giving Fund/Designation
BUILDING  Building Fund    Giving Fund/Designation
CHILDREN  Children's Event    Giving Fund/Designation
GUEST  Guest / Missionary    Giving Fund/Designation
MEN  Mens Event    Giving Fund/Designation
MISSIONS  Missions    Giving Fund/Designation
SPONSOR  Sponsorship    Giving Fund/Designation
TITHE  Tithe / General Fund    Giving Fund/Designation
WOMEN  Women's Event    Giving Fund/Designation
YOUTH  Youth Event    Giving Fund/Designation
YWAM  YWAM - Levi Joylyn Cook    Giving Fund/Designation
CALENDAR     Life Group Calendar    Link
DNA  DNA Sept 2nd-2018    Registration
KRYPTONITE  Killing Kryptonite    Registration
PRAYER  Prayer Requests    Registration
RISE  RISE    Registration
SERVE  Serve Saturday    Registration
THRIVE  Thrive 2018    Registration
CONNECT  Online Connect Cards    Registration